Feb. 1, 2021



What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Growth Marketing?

How do they coexist?

And how does making the shift from Growth Marketing to Traditional Marketing, put me in a better position with a better marketing plan as an overall business infrastructure?

With Growth Marketing, compared to Traditional Marketing, you're thinking of SEO, SEM, SERP, optimizations, creative ads, UX, UI, CX, analyzation, all that good stuff, but Growth Marketing takes it beyond that. You think of the Four P's: product, price, place, and promotion, right? It's beyond that now. 

Now, with everything going on and people demanding stories and be more vulnerable, the brands, the businesses that are growing are the ones who are telling the best stories. Why is that? Because they are applying the Four E's being engagement, exclusivity, experience, and emotion. We're getting away from the Four P's and moving to the Four E's.

This is the new level of Growth Marketing. Well, Growth Marketing sounds a lot like Digital Marketing and it is. It's just Digital Marketing with the intent focus of making a profit and sustainable revenue.



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