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Truly awesome interviews, love the guests!

“I’m avid listener of this podcast b/c it keeps me thinking and growing with the latest in Social Media, Engagement, and Content Marketing. This podcast has educated me in ways that separates me from the other consultants in my area. I don’t just listen to the podcast, I’m inspired to engage with the content!”

I recommend it!

I was looking for some podcast like this for a while now I'm glad I download it


I've been listening to this podcast for a couple of weeks, and i think it's the best


Exactly what I was looking for. Great podcast ever!!


I listen to it everyday!!

Great Podcast!

Love the idea!Love the concept!

top podcast

This will be a top podcast by 2024, Mark my words!


Exactly what I was looking for. Great podcast ever!!

Great information here!

This guy has definitely did his work. He has helped so many people. If you haven’t got the book, get the book. It’s definitely one of those guides to keep handy.

How To Master Your Craft In Just 10,000 Hours Episode #60

iDigress Podcast with Troy Sandidge will always challenge your beliefs about strategy, marketing and scaling your brand and your business. He is a master at providing a commentary that will inspire you to take strategic action. Troy has the incredible ability to take what is and morph it into what will be! These are my favorite takeaways from How To Master Your Craft In Just 10,000 Hours Episode #60 Tremendous growth requires separation from distractions. It requires the discipline, determination, and drive to manifest your true talent. It often causes you to leave your current circle ⭕️ behind to pursue mastery of your craft! These steps are critical for you to launch, grow, and scale as a subject matter expert.

A great find of a podcast

I’ve started my entrepreneur journey and found iDigress thru another podcast episode and then I became hooked! It’s got lots of creative acronyms, great marketing advice that I’ve used with lots of success. I need creative people in my life who use metaphors and Troy is a great one to follow!

Simply Strategic

Troy has a way of transforming the complex into simplified, strategic, and actionable steps to accomplish the goal. Most people don’t possess that skill, but Troy seems to do it with ease. I would tell Troy NOT to digress, and I would tell you to listen to this show!

Top Marketing Podcast

Troy has the unique ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple steps that anyone can use to build their business/brand. Troy is always giving out his best information. When you listen, you can feel his authenticity and deep desire to help businesses succeed. He is the real deal.

Episode #50 The Big 5-0

If you haven’t listened to any of Troy’s episodes you’re missing out. He does an amazing job of keeping you engaged while sharing ways to scale your business. This episode resonated with me as a business owner. Great Job Troy.👏🏾👏🏾

Amazing Podcast

This podcast is not only very well produced but full of wisdom. I am honored to call Troy a friend and have connected with him. Thank you for delivering so much value every month.

Learn from the Strategy Hacker ✅✅✅

I'm learning tons of value. It's like I'm having an online course in business strategy. Really worth it! I took business administration major in marketing when I was in college but I dropped out... now, it's like destiny has given me a chance to learn and educate myself again. Thank you for putting up this podcast, Troy 🙂

Troy teaches you how to get rid of analysis paralysis and create solutions to any business challenge.

‍Superstar business growth strategist Troy Sandidge talks about how to get rid of confusion, fear of the unknown and analysis paralysis in order to create masterful solutions to any business challenge. His goal is simple: to have listeners understand and achieve the 5 S Pillars: Simple, Scalable, Sustainable, Systematic and Successful.

His Podcast Is An Investment For Yourself!

Troy gives me the energy and the strategy. He covers so much on his podcast that has given me perspective on all things marketing. His podcast is literally an investment for yourself. It’s only 30 minutes, but there is so much value.

He takes the complexity away leaving you with simple steps to take action!

Troy has the ability to take complex topics and break them down into simple steps that anyone can use to build their business/brand. Troy is always giving out his best information. He is the real deal.

Listen To This Podcast If You Want To Learn Marketing!

Listen to this podcast if you want to learn marketing. If you don’t have a degree and want to learn marketing, this podcast is for you as well. Always adding value. Always bringing energy. Always sharing insights in a creative and simple way


I learn so much from listening to Troy podcast. 2 years in business and I love his strategy tips.

Realest Podcast in the Worlddd!

My favorite part about the iDigress podcast is Troy’s authentic words. When he speaks, you can feel every bit of his words, and he doesn’t sugarcoat. He tells it exactly how it is by giving valuable advice for others to learn from, use, and improve their business.

Not Your Average Marketing Podcast!

People outside of the marketing sphere may be surprised by how much thinking goes into the actions we take as an industry. When people listen to other business or marketing podcasts, there is a focus on tactics, but without a clear plan of action, these tactics are often in vain. Troy approaches marketing from a more strategic viewpoint, bringing actionable advice tempered with analytical thinking. His positive motivational style pumps me up as a marketer and reminds me to take a step back, think about why I employ the marketing tactics I do, and that makes me a better marketer. Hell, it makes me a better business person. 10/10 would listen again.

Troy Is Amazing!

Love listening to this show as I always get a golden nugget from Troy. He always helps me get my mind right for the week ahead. Keep coming with the inspiration and truth telling you do.

I freakin LOVE the iDigress podcast!

I freakin LOVE the iDigress podcast. I never miss an episode! It's truly changed my mindset, so if you're looking to level up... you're in the right place! Definitely worth the listen!