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iDigress Podcast

Want the blueprint to growing and scaling your business faster?

The iDigress Podcast gives you the strategies, systems, and solutions necessary to increase sustainable profitability and scalable revenue. Learn the same marketing frameworks, sales tactics, business insights, and proven methodologies host Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, uses to launch 35+ brands and generate over $175 Million in revenue for clients worldwide to achieve the business success you want in under 30 minutes!

An unapologetically candid, highly energetic, and surprisingly entertaining and motivational podcast experience praised for its business-talk simplicity and cultural infusion, iDigress is disrupting the standard gated pathways to obtaining growth by helping emerging businesses integrate easy-to-understand strategies to position their marketing, sales, and overall business efforts for success.

Recent Episodes

83. An Audio Open Letter On The Unspoken Truths Marginalized Communities Face In Business & What We Need Leaders To Do About It.

Feb. 24, 2023

This is an audio open letter addressing the elephant in the room... why are we still talking about the same things when it comes to being more inclusive, respectful, empathetic, and responsive to black and marginalized leade…

82. Black Is Beautiful. Black Is Powerful. Black Is Profitable! Why More Representation On Stage Is Essential For Success!

Feb. 22, 2023

We need more diversity and representation on stages, at events, behind the microphones, and in the executive boardrooms. But just stating that obvious fact and taking real action to make that a reality are two separate thing…

81. Brené Brown Says Vulnerability Is A Strength. Why Being Vulnerable Is A Butterfly Effect, Unlocking New Growth & Empowering You To Transform Into The Best Version Of Yourself!

Feb. 2, 2023

Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness, according to Brené Brown. I had recently heard her speak so eloquently on the subject. I instantly saw the connection and parallels we as business owners, operators, and creators …

80. Last Year Reflections. New Year Redirections. The Difference Between Resolutions vs Goals And Why There Is Only One Solution To Achieving Your Desired Milestones.

Feb. 1, 2023

Have you set any new year's resolutions lately? Are you going through a series of changes? New birthday? Massive life change? I've been there, and I can empathize as well as relate. In many cases, a new year will look exactl…