March 18, 2021



The mind is the most powerful muscle we have in our body. Imagine if we were to use 50% of our brains, we'd all be space engineers, and we would be smarter people. In today's episode, we're talking about mindset shifts for your business.

What do we need to shift our mindset?

How do we get started?  

Why do we need to focus on our mindset?

How do I market myself? I need to make money right now. I feel defeated.

Know your worth, know your value. Knowing your value, and tying that into your "WHY" is a really important mindset shift. You need to hold true to your price and really pitch the impact of your "WHY."

Whatever you're thinking, you are worthy of the price of the product or service that you offer.

Get more context about mindset shifts on episode 20 #MindsetAndMoney



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