Sept. 30, 2020



Do you think of your business as a premium brand? How much is your brand truly worth?

Positioning yourself is essential to your business sustainability and development. Discover how to market yourself as a premium brand and how to apply P.A.M.

This is episode three, #Positioning.

Position = Power

One of the hardest things Troy has had to learn in business was how to position himself. Many people who want to elevate their business to a sustainable level with a more profitable structure need to position themselves in a very different way. Simply accepting money for the product or service you provide can make you a profit, but does it make you profitable?

On this episode of iDigress, host Troy Sandidge breaks down the significance of these questions: 

Is the time you’re putting in worth the result (or profit) of your work? 

How much do you actually need to charge and to market yourself for people to buy your product or service so that you become sustainable and profitable?

Many of us are conditioned to price our products and services at a lower price so that people will buy them, but this doesn’t take you very far. 

Do you think of your business as a premium brand? 

How much is your brand truly worth? 

You need to position yourself and your brand in the most ideal ways, from positioning your message to attract the right audience to position your business on the platforms that complement your strengths. You must amplify who you are, where to find you, and the value you provide. Be magnetic and pull your audience in to interact with you. 

What problem(s) do you solve and who typically needs those problems solved? 

Once you have the answer to that, then you can execute your positioning strategy!

Position. Amplify. Magnify. This will give you the results you desire. Remember, you don’t have to be #1. You just have to focus on your audience and creating and retaining those relationships with them.  


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